Multi-functional 1 Station Home Gym For Sale
12 months ago | 5861 views
Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria

Multi-functional 1-Station Home-Gym For Sale

The all-in-one, do-it-all home gym

1-Station Home Gym is the ultimate solution to your fitness needs. With a single machine that can be configured to suit any weight training or cardio workout, it can be used for the full range of exercises like pushups, squats, and pull-ups.

One-stop shopping for all your workouts

The 1 Station Home Gym is designed for versatility in use and versatility in workouts. It is the only equipment you'll ever need to stay fit!

Workouts that work for you

It's not always possible to find the time or space in your home to put together a workout program. With 1-Station Home Gym, you have the opportunity to do your workouts at any time of the day!

Serves as a multi-functional workout station providing a variety of exercise positions to strengthen different muscle groups and reach your fitness goals.

Workout anytime, anywhere

No more excuses — with 1-Station Home-Gym, you can work out anytime, anywhere. It's low on space and even lower on price!

Variety of workouts, only one station

It doesn't matter what your fitness goal is, there's an exercise position that will strengthen whichever muscle group you're targeting. Plus, it's perfect for cross-training. This gym has it all!

Build muscle and lose weight

Work out in the comfort of your own home and never have to worry about hitting the gym again! This single station provides all you need to build muscle and burn fat in a variety of positions.

1-Station Home Gym is a multifunctional home gym that trains all muscles in the upper and lower body, with a total of 12 exercises. 1-Station Home Gym is perfect for beginners as well as advanced fitness enthusiasts.

Safety and comfort

The 1-Station Home Gym comes with a set of safety bars to prevent injury, and an adjustable bench to allow for more space. The soft foam grip bars are also covered with neoprene for a comfortable workout.

Gym Quality at Home

The double pulley stations allow for two different lateral pulls to work both your biceps and triceps at the same time, while the pulley system provides resistance from 7 to 70 pounds so you can tone up at your pace.

Long-lasting design

The frame is made from sturdy steel pipes, giving it exceptional stability. It also comes with rubber feet and foam grips on the pulleys for protection against any movement or vibration.

The 1-Station Home Gym is your key to becoming a leaner, meaner, healthier version of yourself.


If you're looking for a fitness machine that won't take your whole day to set up and won't take up all your space, the 1-station home gym is perfect for you.


This machine has been designed to be easy to use and not difficult to assemble. It's lightweight and compact, so it's perfect for people with little space or who travel often.


Competitively priced, this home gym offers the features of a commercial gym at the price of a regular gym membership. Plus it's backed by our 12-month guarantee, so if anything goes wrong with the gym in that time just send it back!


Let the 1-station home gym be your secret weapon in staying fit and healthy!

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Multi-functional 1 Station Home Gym For Sale
12 months ago | 5861 views
Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria
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