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What is Finelib Marketplace?

Finelib marketplace Finelib. Ng is a product website for those listed at to upload, socialize and market their products or services.

Listing and marketing your product using our online portal at Finelib Marketplace may be time-consuming but can be worth it in the long run. Time-consuming, we mean, is about uploading your products daily, weekly, or monthly, responding to contacts you made from this site daily, delivering the products or services as the result of these activities, and, at most, offering good customer services.

13 Ways to Make The Most Out Of This Website

1. Upload your product at least 1 to 3 products per day when you have a large collection of products to add to this site.

2. Visit here daily, to respond and on time to internally generated messages at this site.

3. Upload well-taken professional eye catchy quality pictures of your products or services.

5. Finding better ways to create great ads on this website can help position your products and offers.

6. Includes product keywords in your ads or written content on this site.

7. Always be very professional as possible when dealing with other people you meet here.

8. Do not cheat or cut corners; instead, help others using this site; it will pay off in the long run.

9. Make it a rule to follow other sellers on our site daily by using the "Follow" link near the site's base. (Using this will help you get more connections and create opportunities while building a massive network of followers for your business.

10, Chat Features on our site can help you cut the cost of phone call charges.

11. Your new customers can haggle or negotiate for the best possible using our "Make an Offer" button. You can experience the same effects as in a regular Nigerian open marketplace.

12. You can also add an illustration video from your Youtube channel as a product description video describing your products in a way your customers or our site visitors can understand. These video inclusion methods can help boost your sales in a lot of ways. You can always include your "Youtube embed video link" in each of the product(s) you submitted for free.

13. Our technical support and Finelib team are always here to assist you when you need any help. They are always a call away!

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