Safety Tips

Due to the kind of the world we are living in today, crimes are abound and we got to take several measures at all times to weed off potential dangers or harms to our business dealings.

For this reason we have put out the following vital ways you should apply at all times when using our site or other classified ads or internet portals were transactions are likely to happen.

In our site we limit external users from posting contents and we do investigate from time to make sure to make sure real or registered members listed in our site for transaction. But nonetheless always be wary of the following:

  1. Be Wary When Buying or Negotiating for Very Expensive Items or Products

You should always be very careful when looking to buy expensive items such as mobile phones, laptops, Flat Screen TVs, airline or event tickets. 

  1. Never Share Your Personal or Bank Details Online

Always Never share your personal or bank details (such as your credit card number) with other people online.

  1.  Be Careful When Paying Online

Be careful when paying online - do it safely - do not use the instant cash transfer services to pay for your purchase, mainly when you have not seen the product or evidence that it has been shipped. Insist on cash on delivery plan in all your transaction.

  1. Low Prices Too Good to Be True

Someone selling a very high value items for a low price may be a sign of a potential danger, be on the lookout do not fall an easy prey to scammers.

  1. Use Hard to Guess Password All The Time

Use more secured password and do not use any password that someone may guess for example 12345 or helen1234 etc. Try using more hard to guess password all the time.

  1. We Don’t Call to Request For Password

Be wary when someone call you or send you an email claiming Finelib or Partners affiliated websites  needs their password, please note it here that we don’t and will NEVER request your password from you.

  1. Always Inspect All Cash on Delivery Products Before Payment

Always inspect all your ordered products before paying and avoid paying in advance. Cash on delivery will be the best alternative.

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