How To Submit

Steps to Submit All Your Products for FREE Listing:

(1) You need to Sign Up first, by clicking on the "Sign UP" link - which is seen below, when you finish reading this submit help.
(2) After successful Sign-Up, you need to check your email and verify it by clicking on it from your mailbox.
(3) After successful email verification, you can now log in to start posting your products.
(4) You must always click on "Login" or "Sell" using your verified email address and password to gain access to start posting your products.
(5) Important - After you log in, you should click "Sell," seen in Red Font at the top of the page, to start posting your products.
(6) You should see the "Advertise Free" page, where you can start entering your product information for free.
(7) First, you should add your product photos by clicking on "+" plus Sign. (You can add five different variations of the same product).
(8) 5 pictures product variations mean photos taken in different positions for your customer to see your product in other places."
(9) If you don't have five pictures variation for each product, you can post only 1 picture for now since you can always edit to add more images later.
(10) Select the exact category that best fits your product. (Our system will guide you till you select the best type for your product)
(11) In the "Name" field, write your product title in a way you think should attract your new customers to click on your product link. (Do not write too long or too short)
(12) In the "Description" field, describe your products in detail, using keywords and information that effects are noted. Also, use this area to write why your new customers should buy your product.
(You can write in long details, with illustrations but make it as straightforward as possible).
Necessary:  All writing must be original. Do not copy and paste the same content from other sites. Make it a duty to write the actual range of your products by yourself, because doing this can help bring more new customers to your product offers).
(13) Do not select "Giving Away." Leave it as it is now.
(14) List your price in the "Price" field (There is no need for a comma since it will be automatically written for you when you submit).
(15) Select the product condition from the drop-down list.
(16) It usually is nice not to select a "Fixed Price" to allow our site users to negotiate a price with you. You can choose the fixed price option if you don't want to deal.
(17) In the "Product Location" field, write the City your business is located in and then select it from the drop-down list.
(18) You can add but are not required a video illustration describing your products by adding "Youtube Video Embed URL." You can skip this since you can always add it later.
(19) Then click the "Save" button to add your first product.
(20) After you add your product, you can select to promote your product. If not, click on "Continue with Free Posting" to continue adding your free product listing.

(21) To add more products, you need to repeat the same process above again. (Once you are accustomed to adding your product to our site, you may not need this submission guide, since the submission process is easy)

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Important Advice
If you have a lot of products to add, you should add at least 2 to 4 products per day to get a better listing result and more user visibility. (Do not add all of them on the same day). Read also how to get the best of using our product site here:
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