Buy Industrial Proofer For Sale
4 months ago | 2613 views
Lagos, Nigeria

Buy Industrial Proofer For Sale.

Industrial Proofer is an advanced bakery appliance for high-volume production. It is used for heating and proofing bread dough and other types of baked goods. The proofer ensures the product meets the required standards of temperature and humidity, resulting in a better quality product.

Cleanliness is the key to Industrial Proofer. Automatically control the temperature, humidity, and time. It can strengthen your bakery.

Industrial Proofer is an energy-efficient, space-saving proofing cabinet. Our professional industrial proofer ensures the quality of your baked goods. It's easy to use and will allow you to produce delicious bread, buns, pastries, and more.

The Industrial Proofer is the first choice for industrial bakeries that need to proof bread and cakes, with a 1130L capacity and an industrial 220V power supply.

Industrial Proofer is built from high-quality stainless steel to withstand the tough conditions of industrial bakeries, so you can be sure of a durable machine that will last.

High-capacity, low cost

With a 1130L capacity and a 1.8kw power usage, the Industrial Proofer is able to handle the demands of long workdays with ease. It's also available at a price that's easy on your budget!

Easy to use

Designed for simplicity, the Industrial Proofer is easy to operate with minimal training required for efficient production.


Capacity: 1130L
Temperature: -3-+40℃
Dimensions: 625x1145x2130mm

Availability: In Stock
Delivery: Nationwide
Location: Lagos, Nigeria

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Buy Industrial Proofer For Sale
4 months ago | 2613 views
Lagos, Nigeria
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